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What People Are Saying

"We put me back together. In two weeks, I had full range mobility. I feel stronger and ore fit than I've ever felt. This October, I signed up for my first half marathon in ten years."


"The personal attention is great and there's so much to do, so much to try every day. There's no better place in New York City."


"I looked up Drive because I had pretty serious back pain. Within about a year the pain was basically over. From being afraid to pick up a piece of paper, I was now doing deadlifts and back squats."


Our Philosophy

Success lies in having a tangible plan backed up by a combination of support, collaboration and commitment. These three key components are built into every membership here at Drive495.  We believe the power is in the program and use a collaborative approach to customize what that means for each individual who walks through our doors.   Contact with a coach is a must; we believe in this so much that we incorporate complimentary group training into even the most basic memberships.

Our Approach

The memberships and services at Drive 495 are designed for success, driven by results.  As needed, support is built into your customized plan via one-on-one coaching, group training, golf lessons, nutrition, and physical therapy. Regardless of your specific course of action, you will benefit from our collaborative approach. Whether your plan includes one or all of our offered services, the knowledge and guidance of our team of professionals will always be at your fingertips.  Our team is constantly consulting with one another, doing whatever it takes to bring our clients to the next level. 

Our Clientele

Drive495 is the athletic home to PGA tour players, professional athletes, celebrities as well as recreational golfers, fitness fanatics and your average Joes alike. Our clientele and instruction cover a vast array of fitness levels.  All have one thing in common: each are training efficiently and effectively, finding success as defined by their individualized drive.

Your Experience

No two athletes are the same.  Goals may be similar, but the approach will differ depending on the individual who walks through our doors. At Drive495, you will receive individualized attention upon your initial inquiry. Your experience begins with a strategy session followed by a series of assessments. Our team reviews the findings of these assessment in order to direct how your membership is further customized. Our coaches specialize in designing programs that work with services supplemented according to your drive.

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Each day our members exceed their expectations, achieve new levels of fitness, and advance their skill sets. We invite you to immerse yourself in an experience that will quickly and effectively reshape your body, advance your golf swing-or both. Push yourself to a whole new level alongside New York City’s most elite team of golf, strength, and nutrition experts.